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(all 1-day workshops except where stated)

Play Away Day

Fri 1 Sep

Play Away Day

Thu 14 Sep

Vessels with Hand Made Paper

2 days - Wed 20 + Thu 21 Sep

Firstly we make our base fabric that will be waxed, dyed or painted and will be used in the construction of your vessel. This 'fabric' is very strong, has jewel-like qualities and and can be sewn either by hand or machine. It will happily take further embellishment before we move on to the construction of your vessel. All materials supplied at a cost of £4.

Play Away Day

Tue 26 Sep

Batik Day

Thu 28 Sep

Familiar with the Batik process, or new to wax and dye? No matter what level of experience, you will find this day inspiring. Bring along your own design ideas or choose a design from those available in the studio. The finished pieces have many uses. Why not paint a panel for a bag, purse, cushion cover, book cover or cards - the list is endless. Help and encouragement at every step will ensure that this is a very productive day. Material costs £3-00

Play Away Day

Wed 4 Oct

Transfer Paint with Bondaweb

Fri 6 Oct

Transfer Paints with Bondaweb lend themselves beautifully to interpretation in textile work. Our medium of choice is the very versatile 'transfer paint'. It is easy to use, quick to dry and gives stunning results on various fabrics. We will experiment with paint on fabric and paper (brilliant for sketchbooks). Combine this with painted bondaweb and the permutations are wonderful and endless. All materials will be provided at a cost of £4-00.

Play Away Day

Thu 12 Oct

Play Away Day

Wed 18 Oct

Lichen with Embellishing Machine

Thu 19 Oct

Have a fun day - layering, blending and creating textured surfaces with your embellishing machine. We will add colour to our base fabric by using painted bondaweb before we enjoy adding further materials with the embellishing machine. Colour and texture are achieved with various textiles, wools and fibres. Materials will be provided, but do bring any pieces from your 'stash'. Finished pieces can be used for many and varied projects. Do bring along your own studies and illustrations or use those available in the studio. Materials costs £4-00.

Play Away Day

Mon 23 Oct

Fabric Construction

Fri 27 Oct

A brilliant day, allowing you to use all the scraps of fabric you have stashed away. (Don't know what to do with them, but can't bring myself to to throw them away!!) Pieces no larger than 3 inches square will be needed, matching or contrasting colours depending on personal choice. A little bit of 'glitz' always adds a zing! Machine thread can contrast or match your chosen colours. Some basic knowledge of free machine embroidery will be useful in constructing our fabric. All materials provided at no extra cost.


Wed 1 Nov

A full day to experiment with this luscious fabric. Evalon has may qualities, it takes paint brilliantly, does not fray, and it can be cut out with a soldering iron. The possibilities are endless, and your finished fabric can be used for many projects. Design ideas will be available or bring your own. Material costs £4-00

Play Away Day

Fri 3 Nov

Play Away Day

Wed 8 Nov

Free Machine Embroidery

Fri 10 Nov

Free machine embroidery is one of the most popular forms of decorative embroidery. Beginners can soon learn the few basic techniques. We will cover 'how to set up and use your sewing machine' and how to work with a variety of fabrics. A machine with feed drop or cover plate is needed. Please phone if you wish to use one of our machines. Materials provided at no extra cost.

Play Away Day

Wed 15 Nov

Printing on Paper or Fabric

Thu 16 Nov

A fun day to make your own individual printing plates and stamps. Varied techniques will be used to enable you to produce enough plates / stamps to take home for use in future projects. Printing on the day will be done on fabric of your choice or on a selection of different papers. Bring along your own ideas for inspiration or choose on the day from a range of suggestions and designs provided. Material costs £4-00

Play Away Day

Thu 23 Nov

A Day to Dye For!

Wed 29 Nov

Snow-dyeing if we have some early snow! Otherwise, Ice-Cube-dyeing! Basic requirements for fabric dyeing will be covered. You will be able to experiment with cold water dyeing using both Procion and Acid dyes. Microwave dyeing can also give stunning results. A wide range of fabrics will be used. If you have any special samples of fabric, please bring them along. Materials £3-00

Play Away Days - details

Sep: Fri 1, Thu 14, Tue 26

Oct: Wed 4, Thu 12, Wed 18, Mon 23

Nov: Fri 3, Wed 8, Mon 15, Thu 23

NEED HELP? Why not come along, bring any unfinished work or ideas. Individual help and guidance will be given. Material costs might apply.